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The team

Jos Kusters


Jos Kusters (1958) has been living and working in Luxembourg since 1987, but can always be found where his clients are. With almost 30 years of experience, he knows the international finance world like the back of his hand. He has broad interests, speaks numerous languages and thrives on challenge. His passion is sport - football, handball, hockey, golf, cycling - but only when he can share it with others. As a team player and coach, he generates a great deal of added value for Augemus clients. His colleagues describe him as honest and constructively critical. His belief in people is the guiding principle in everything he does.

My objective is to use my knowledge and experience to support clients in word and deed. My educational background comes to the fore here, as I lead them towards a care-free future. I work independently and personally and look further than finance alone. As a sparring partner I speak my mind and assist you in achieving the best result, for now but also certainly for the future.

Curriculum Vitae

Jos Kusters graduated from the University of Leiden in Dutch Law, with business law as his speciality, virtually simultaneously obtaining diplomas in physical education and psychology and pedagogy from Tilburg's Catholic College. After enjoying a number of years in teaching, he moved to Luxembourg. There he began his career as a private banker at Kredietbank Luxembourg (KBL), moving on to ABN Amro Luxembourg, where he fulfilled various functions in the field of (relation) management, including head of the Nederbelgen desk for Dutch citizens in Belgium. He continued his career at the Dresdner Bank Luxembourg, initially as head of private banking, swiftly followed by his appointment as a member of the general management. He spent some 10 years in that role, responsible for the private banking clients and the commercial staff. After the takeover of Dresdner Bank by Commerzbank, Jos played a leading role in the integration of the two organisations in Luxembourg and, as general manager of Commerzbank International Luxembourg, was responsible for international clients. From 2012 onwards, he worked mainly on a project basis for various financial institutions in Luxembourg. Since April 2015, he has been the commercial director of Augemus SA.