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The team

Claudine Schinker


Claudine Schinker (1964) was born and bred in Luxembourg, studied there and has always worked there. With more than 25 years of experience in accountancy, financial statements and everything associated with annual accounts are second nature to her. She is a big art lover, with a preference for modern and abstract art. She has painted, herself, but now likes to admire others' work. Her colleagues appreciate her cheerful, straightforward character and see her as an amiable perfectionist focused on solutions and results. She is dedicated, with a broad outlook and likes to think outside the box. What Claudine starts, she finishes.

Over the past few decades, I have come to know accountancy, corporate services and trust like the back of my hand. I will be delighted devise the best approach for you on the basis of that knowledge. I like to give constructive criticism and view things from a broad perspective. I enjoy committing myself 100% to producing customised, high-quality solutions and building long-term relationships. I may occasionally be slightly impatient, but that's because I like to get things done.

Curriculum Vitae

After graduating in accountancy and economics, Claudine Schinker began her career as an accountant at ARBED Luxembourg (now ArcelorMittal Luxembourg). Three years later, she moved into the banking world, first as a senior accountant in the Holding & Trust department of United Overseas Bank (Luxembourg) and then at Bank MeesPierson. Subsequently, for more than 10 years she was a team leader at TMF Management Luxembourg and then Citco REIF Services. After that, she continued her career as Business Unit Manager at Intertrust Luxembourg, formerly ATC Corporate Services (Luxembourg), where she headed a team of accountants, lawyers and legal assistants. In 2014, LGL Trustees Jersey approached her with the task of setting up their Luxembourg branch. As Director, she was responsible for not only the smooth running of customer services but also the branch's HR and internal accounting. Once this company was up and running, she was ready for a new challenge, which she found at Augemus SA, where she has been director/CFO since spring 2017.