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Augemus looks after your family’s wealth with skill, dedication and cost efficiency

Augere (pronounced ow-gae-ray). This is the Latin word we get our name from. It means to increase, enhance or expand. Cicero used it in his letters to his son, letters in which he gave him — and many generations that followed him — wise lessons, including on how to manage the family’s wealth sensibly. According to Cicero, this requires skill, dedication and thrift.
His words are more relevant than ever today and show exactly what you can expect from our multi-family office. Welcome to Augemus.

Augemus, the multi-family office was set up in 2012. We are here to help you manage your family’s assets, taking the view that we should be the kind of service provider we ourselves would want to engage. We do our work with the utmost professional care and personal commitment. It is no accident that we have chosen a shield as our logo. This shield stands as a symbol for a family coat of arms and the safeguarding of family traditions. We work for families that have wealth that has been carefully accumulated (often over a number of generations). Wealth that future generations should also be able to benefit from. That is why we look with you at the present, the past and your wishes for the future. We do this from an independent viewpoint, drawing on our wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the financial sector.