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The team

Henk Thijssen


What motivates Henk (born 1961) is the thought that wealthy families are always looking for the best options for their assets while many financial service providers are liable to lose sight of that objective aim. His wish is to provide an answer to this problem with Augemus, where he has brought together a number of professionals to join him in managing and protecting assets with an eye to family traditions. Henk thinks it is important to provide a wide range of services. He also feels it is important to be very critical in your analysis of current developments and their implications for the future. The world is changing and that requires people to be more alert than ever and keep a sharp eye on developments.

Managing assets requires vision, expertise and independence, all things Augemus can offer. We take clients by the hand and we look with them for the best solutions.

Curriculum Vitae

Henk Thijssen graduated in Accountancy (vocational qualification) from St. Eligius in Antwerp in 1981. He then obtained a university degree in Applied Economics at RUCA (now the University of Antwerp) in 1985. Over a period of more than 15 years, he has developed a distinct, successful philosophy based primarily on macro-economic movements. Time and time again, he has demonstrated that he is able to make the right choices with perfect timing based on this philosophy. In view of his experience, Henk’s tasks at Augemus extend to asset management as well as the administrative organisation.